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Your car is only brand new once and the first rock chip or scratch is always hard to accept. The roads in the Northwest are full of sand and gravel that cause (previously) unavoidable severe damage to your vehicle’s paint that can only be repaired by an expensive trip to the body shop to repaint the damaged areas. This not only lowers the value of your car but aftermarket paint is never as durable as the original.

The Answer: Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF), also known as Clear Bra, protects your vehicle from otherwise unavoidable Rock chip damage. PPF is a one-time application of a virtually invisible film that we can apply to any painted surface where damage is likely to occur.

We strive to outperform the others with extended coverage, cleaner lines and well-designed coverage packages that are unique to the vehicle and its intended use. Our full hood, full fenders full bumper package offers unmatched protection and eliminates the clear bra line across the hood and fenders. While our more traditional package covers up to 30” of the hood and fenders along with the full bumper, protecting the most vulnerable areas. Adding door edge, door cup, headlights, trunk entry and your vehicle will be well covered.


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What sets us apart?

Throughout our 40 years of combined experience, we have installed PPF on many unique projects such as motorcycles, airplanes, home furnishings and industrial applications. If it’s a painted surface that needs protected we can do it. Our lead installer Bob Findley has spent years developing techniques and evolving with the ever-changing film market. This experience allows us to use the film to its fullest potential.

While most PPF installation centers focus on Quantity over Quality, at JK2 we are focused on installing very high-end custom clear bra packages using only the highest quality films and always strive for perfection rather than high volume.

Car enthusiasts make up a major part of our business and expect nothing less than the best. We offer unmatched customer service along with the best Paint Protection Film installation available.

Home/Business/Commercial Applications too!


Here is an example of a commercial application of Paint Protective Film. When finished no one would know it was there.

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