Customer Testimonials

John P Massey Jr

In June 2017, I purchased my dream car, a Lexus RX. I decided to research Paint Protection locally before committing to having it done through the dealer. I am glad that I did. I contacted JK2 Paint Protection and spoke with Jim Kennedy. I followed up my initial call with a visit to their shop. I was very impressed to find five Luxury vehicles in the cleanest shop in the universe. I was also impressed with the care that they took with the cars entrusted to them. Additionally, I like the fact that they do not “rush” the job and use only the highest quality, state of the art, materials for the job. Quality workmanship, quality materials, and quality technicians. That combination can’t be beat. I selected the Opti Coat with my Clear Bra and my car looks great. I highly recommend Jim Kennedy and JK2 Paint Protection for anyone looking to protect their vehicle, in addition to any other detailing needs.

John P Massey Jr
Spokane Valley, WA

Braysons hellcat jk2 1 (Large)Brayson Buckner

I was referred to JK2 paint from a client of mine after I purchased my dream car a 2015 Charger Hellcat. When I came to meet Jim for the first time to get a quote I was more than impressed with the shop and how clean it was along with the cars that were there. Wow! I felt completely comfortable leaving my car with him. I had the Opti coat treatment along with clear bra. When I came to pick the car up it looked better than when I got if from the dealer! I am a very detail oriented guy and it was perfect from top to bottom inside and out. I felt great knowing that my car was protected and that it was treated with care. I recommend all my friends go to JK2 for all your detail needs.

Brayson Buckner
Krav Maga Spokane

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Dick and Ann Gow

In June of 2008 my wife and I purchased a new shiny black Lexus IS. We have driven the vehicle sparingly, using it as primarily as a road car and have cared for it diligently.

As with any vehicle, especially black, over the last 4 years it had acquired many swirls and a couple of rather deep scratches one of which I made a very feeble attempt to correct causing a rather unsightly cloud, thus bringing to my attention that I was not capable of making the vehicle look new again.

I then consulted with a friend who advised me to obtain a miracle product that would correct my mistake and return the vehicle to factory condition. Still believing that I was capable of such a feat I went off to a paint supply house to purchase the necessary product and material to accomplish the task at hand. Many dollars later I returned home to read the instruction and proceed with the restoration. Ha! Ha! Reading the instructions on the label I quickly discovered that I was not even a little capable of using the product as it required a machine application. I quickly called the dealer and was advised that it was indeed designed for professional use.

I inquired if they had any suggestions as to where I might turn to find such professional help and was given the name and number of an individual who catered to overly picky people such as myself, so off I went in search of Jim Kennedy.

I found that Jim owned and operated JK2 Exotic Detailing and contacted him about performing the work on the Lexus. Jim invited my wife and myself out to see his shop and look at samples of his work. He went over our vehicle with us, carefully outlining the way in which he would accomplish our goal. He was careful to point out that a couple of the deeper (but minor flaws) would be lessened but not eliminated as they would jeopardize clear coat. Satisfied that we were dealing with a totally qualified and experienced professional we entrusted the car to his care.

This was the best decision we could have made. We returned a week later, when the weather cleared and the streets dried to retrieve our beautifully detailed black shiny Lexus proving the old adage to still be valid. There is absolutely NO substitute for experience, and a wonderful experience is what we have had.

Dick and Ann Gow
Spokane, WA

George Hideg, Architect Owner – Design | APPARATUS

jk2-auto-detailing-bmw-850-cl-2I own a one-of-a-kind Euro-spec BMW 850CI. It is the only one of its kind in the United States and it comes with a special-ordered two-tone leather interior. Recently my BMW 850 was repainted by another shop in the Spokane area. Due to this repaint, the interior of my car was accidentally subjected to an amazing amount of shop dust. I decided that I was just not up to the task of doing my own interior detail.

Here is where my story of Jim Kennedy and his detailing skills begins. I was told Jim is an extremely obsessive and conscientious detailer but that came at a price. Since I have not gotten a professional detail job since I bought my car in 2006, I decided I would at least go to his shop and have a chat.

Jim spent at least 30-40 minutes going over every aspect of the car with me.


  • Jim showed me where previous paint work had been performed and how the clearcoat on various parts of the car differed. There was also a significant amount of wet sanding polishing compound in various crevices and joints in the coachwork of the car; this was going to be attended to.
  • Interior: We discussed whether I wanted my 17 year old leather seats to be cleaned, dressed or “refurbished” (read re-dyed). I decided that just a cleaning and conditioning is what I wanted as I like the patina that my older seats had. Jim agreed that this was the best choice.
  • Engine: Five years of no detail and 30,000 miles later the engine compartment was in need of a good detail. There was also some original Cosmoline baked onto the intake manifold; I had no idea that Jim would also take care of this “annoyance” as well.


jk2-auto-detailing-bmw-850-cl-3Well, Jim indicated to me that if I was not on a tight schedule that my car would get more than its share of attention. I happily agreed as the week was forecast to be a rainy one! What I returned to when I came back 2 weeks later is not the same car I left there. I was truly astonished. Every aspect of my car was attended to. The engine bay looks like new and all the old Cosmoline on the intake manifold was gone. The interior was absolutely spotless. The interior of this car has a grained synthetic leather to all the dash surfaces; there was no trace of the dust from the repaint incident. Even the air conditioning vents were dust free as far as I can see down them. Then there is the paint. He brought the new and old paint to a uniform finish of unbelievable gloss that it is not possible to tell where the new and old start. And the gloss it is truly Concourse quality detail work! He got every last speck of the polishing compound out of the roof rails, door jamb, hood & trunk surrounds, etc. The nice surprise on the paint detail was that he was able to fill in some pits that the new paint did not address. They are not just touched-up with new paint – he even polished the touch-up to match the surface of the new paint. I cannot even tell where those pits were! And for my last detail note, Jim was able to remove the drip mark that Island Detail (a supposed high-end exotic car detail shop) in Seattle left behind 5 years ago while cleaning the interior glass; they told me that they could not get it out as they would have to remove the entire rear deck valence of the car to access the area. Well nice surprise!

If I had a car collection I would hire Jim as permanent staff, but I don’t so a detail twice a year will have to suffice. I cannot say enough about Jim’s abilities, knowledge, courteousness and professionalism. He makes other detailers look like automated car wash attendants!

George Hideg, Architect
Owner – Design | APPARATUS