Car Detailing and Paint Restoration Services

Automotive Detailing Is Our Expertise!

At JK2 we take detailing seriously and our clients expect nothing but the best for their vehicles. While most shops focus on high volume production shortcuts and cover up products and techniques we focus on perfection by doing things the right way using only the very best tools and products to achieve stunning results that will last.

Cars are expensive with a lot of fragile trim and finishes. Don’t trust your car to anyone else.

Paint Protection Films

  • Paint Protection Film protects your vehicle from otherwise un-avoidable Rock chip damage. PPF is a one-time application of a virtually invisible film that we can apply to any painted surface where damage is likely to occur. Click here to learn more.

Opti-Coat Plus

  • Opti-Coat PRO is a clear liquid coating that is applied by hand and designed to permanently bond to clear coated surfaces. It protects factory paintwork from damage or etching from water spots, bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, industrial fall out; or UV damage/oxidation – far outperforming traditional waxes and paint sealants currently on the market. Click here to read more.

Attention to Detail

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We painstakingly mask the molding and trim to make sure the finished product is perfect.